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Sleep Inhibitors Part III: Sleeping pills and melatonin tablets

Sleep Inhibitors Part III: Sleeping pills and melatonin tablets

The Dreamers Company wants to help you get your best night’s sleep.  Good sleep is the foundation of great health, so we designed the DreamTech Sleep Lens.  Our sleep glasses block 99.9% of artificial blue and green light allowing your body to naturally produce the sleep hormone melatonin.


One of the side effects of ageing is the gradual narrowing of our own horizons.  The more we learn and understand the more we choose to disregard information.  The more we ignore the obvious.   This isn’t, by a rule, a bad thing.  We overlook things about our friends, partners, family, jobs, we scan for what we know and like, while ignoring what we don’t. Understanding the psychology behind this wilful blindness can help us fight the impulses of habits we wish we could change.



Being stuck staring at the ceiling while the night time hours tick away is a horribly, frustrating experience.  Whether you are thinking about the bills you need to pay, the work you need to do or just counting sheep, the temptation to reach for a sleeping pill, or sleep aid for relief can be overpowering.  Maybe it helps that night, maybe it helps the next night, but if you are someone who regularly struggles to get to sleep, taking a sleeping pill is potentially a bandaid approach.  



Aid tolerance: Extended use of sleeping pills will help your body build a tolerance to sleep aids, forcing you to take more and more for relief.


Aid dependence: Becoming dependent on any sleep aid can become problematic. Prescription sleep aids can be highly addictive and without them your quality and quantity of sleep will decrease significantly.


Rebound Insomnia: If you turn to a sleep aid for insomnia relief, sometimes your condition can worsen once off the aid.


Drowsiness: Depending on the specific aid you use, your body may be forced to skip over phases of your sleep cycle to keep you sedated.  This can have disastrous effects the next day leading to you feeling drowsy, dizzy, and unsteady.


Fighting the temptation to take shortcuts with your sleep is not easy.  The DreamTech sleep lens is a non-pharmaceutical, cost effective and natural way to improve our sleep and enhance our health and wellbeing.  We here at Dreamers believe we all need to reclaim our right to a full night of sleep.

Sleep well,




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A Lack of Sleep Could be Putting Your Life at Risk.

A Lack of Sleep Could be Putting Your Life at Risk.

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