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The Science

What We Know About Sleep

Why Sleep Is Important?
Sleep is vital for both physiological and cognitive capacity. Sleep provides our body with the ability to repair injuries, flush toxins and strengthen the immune system. Quality sleep improves cognitive capability, including better memory, recall and focus, all of which improve learning outcomes.

Absorption of natural light during the day is vital in setting our circadian rhythm (sleep and wake cycles). Sleep routine is improved by exposure to low-angle sunlight early in the morning. All light, both natural daylight and man-made artificial light, increases the alertness hormone cortisol and suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. By blocking artificial blue-green light we suppress cortisol all while promoting the release of melatonin to help us get to sleep and stay asleep.
How Do We Fall Asleep?
After sunset, our hormone production should naturally shift, with higher levels of melatonin being produced that helps us fall asleep.

Our modern lifestyle has created the ongoing presence of artificial blue and green light specifically from smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs and LED lighting. This artificial blue-green light is scientifically known to disrupt melatonin production often resulting in poor or disrupted sleep. Sleeping poorly has a significant negative impact on health outcomes, especially in areas such as anxiety and depression, cardiac health, diabetes and weight gain.
Minimal exposure to blue & green light at night.

I. B. Hickie and N. L. Rogers, "Novel melatonin-based therapies: potential advances in the treatment of major depression" The Lancet, 2011, 378, 621-631.

Dreamers patent-published DreamTech™ lenses are scientifically proven to block 99.9% of the artificial light that is emitted by devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs and LED lighting. The volume and intensity of this light, especially after dark, is significantly elevated in our modern lifestyle, impacting on our circadian rhythm and having a correspondingly negative effect on our sleep health.
DreamTech™ Lucid Sleep Lens
During the evening, exposure to artificial blue and green light suppresses the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. The DreamTech™ Sleep lens blocks 99.9% of this light, allowing the body to produce melatonin. The gradual build up of melatonin during the evening is an essential part of falling asleep and staying asleep.
Jet Lag
Wearing your Dreamers Lucid Sleep eyewear on the plane blocks 99.9% of artificial blue + green light. Scientific evidence suggests that blocking this light allows the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. Better sleep significantly reduces the impact of jet lag. When travelling across time zones, wear your Dreamers Lucid Sleep eyewear for 3 hours before your intended sleep time at your destination.

The Dreamers patent-published DreamTech™ Lucid Sleep lens has been developed to block 99.9% of blue-green light below 570nm.

DreamTech™ Vivid Screen Lens
The DreamTech™ Screen lens blocks 99.9% of artificial blue light from screens such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV’s. Wearing Dreamers Vivid Screen lens can help in reducing eye strain, brain fog, headaches and anxiety.

The Dreamers patent-published DreamTech™ Screen lens has been developed to block 99.9% of blue light below 485nm

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